Grants Week, 16 - 18 October 2018

Your oportunity to find out all you need to know about the research funding.

High-quality research at Masaryk University is funded mostly through the grant competitions. The money received through the successful projects represent about 60% of the annual budget for research at MU. The MU researchers face the continuous challenge of increasingly tough grant competitions and the Grants Week is here to support them.

The Grants Week aims to support the researchers, PhD students and research support staff at MU. The Grants Week will host as the keynote speaker Dr. Sean McCarthy, a renowned expert on the EC programmes, who has been active as a researcher, scientific evaluator for 10 different EU R&D Programmes since 1980.
The MU Grants Week 2017 is a third annual event organized by the Research Office MU. The main language of the event is English.

Grants Week objectives:

  • Introduce opportunities under major national and international grant providers
  • Motivate to active participation in national and international funding programmes for research
  • Share good practice on how to put together a successful grant proposal
  • Develop relevant competencies for scientific work in areas such as Intellectual Property Rights or Research Ethics

The Grants Week 2018 is funded by the FP7 project ERA Chair (contract no. 621368) and Horizon 2020 project MEDGENET (contract no. 692298).

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