Your opportunity to find out all you need to know about international research funding.​

13 – 15 October 2020
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Registration will be open in August

Are you working on research and Innovation? Then you must have heard about Horizon Europe (HEU), the new European framework programme for Research and Innovation funding that will begin in 2021. This programme is the successor of the biggest EU research and innovation programme – Horizon 2020. With a proposed budget of 100 billion euro, Horizon Europe promises to address all th

Grants Week 2020 builds on the success of the 4 previous annual events. Grants Week aims to provide researchers and research support staff with practical and useful information about grant programmes focusing on international grants, especially the European Commission Horizon EUROPE.

Grants Week 2020 will host Dr. Sean McCarthy, a renowned expert on the EC programmes who has been active as a researcher and scientific evaluator for 10 different EU R&D Programmes since 1980 with his presentation Getting Ready for Horizon Europe.

Grants Week Objectives

  • Introduce international grant opportunities
  • Motivate to active participation international funding programmes for research
  • Share good practice on how to put together a successful grant proposal

Grants Week is an annual event organized by the Masaryk University Research Office. The main language of the event is English.

Grants Week 2020 - funding under IMPROVE (LTI19007) project;  programme INTER-EXCELLENCE: INTER-INFORM  (MEYS)