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Tue, 16 October 2018 Wed, 17 October 2018 Fri, 18 October 2018

Financial Rules of Horizon 2020

(presentation for participants only)

How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Horizon 2020

Profile of Successful Organization in Horizon 2020

(presentation for participants only)

H2020 at the MU - Roman Badík

GO CEITEC - Ladislav Čoček 

Ceitec - Ondřej Slabý 

RECETOX - Jana Klánová

ÚVT - Aleš Křenek 

FI - Jiří Chmelík 

ESF - David Póč


Grants Week programme 2018

- 3-day event
- 2 practical workshops 
- 9 speakers

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